Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tomcat not starting from eclipse

I had problem with starting Tomcat from eclipse  Even though there is no log errors. When I launched from the command line using or starts from 'services', it seems to be working fine. But if i use eclipse (with or without app) tomcat wouldn't start and gives me 404 error.

I solved this problem by performing the following steps-

1. In Eclipse, go to the 'Servers' tab.
2. Double click on the server.
3. A configuration overview should be displayed in the main Eclipse panel.
4. Under the sub-section 'Server Locations', 
select the radio button 'Use Tomcat  Installation'. (It was 'Use workspace metadata' which was causing me  
5. Save the configuration (you should be prompted to do so anyway).
6. Restart your server, and you should find localhost:8080 works from within the Eclipse browser.

Hope it helps.